Listen Wise : Teach Students to Be Better Listeners, Hardback Book

Listen Wise : Teach Students to Be Better Listeners Hardback


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Listen WiseListening skills form part of the foundation of any successful student?s repertoire of abilities.

Crucial to academic performance and success throughout life, attentive listening can transform students? ability to absorb and understand information quickly and efficiently.In Listen Wise: Teach Students to Be Better Listeners, journalist, entrepreneur, and author Monica Brady-Myerov delivers an insightful and practical examination of how to build powerful listening skills in K-12 students.

The book incorporates the Lexile (R) Framework for Listening and explains why it is revolutionizing the field of listening and contributing to a surging recognition of its importance in the academic curriculum.

It also includes firsthand classroom stories and incisive teacher viewpoints that highlight effective strategies to teach critical listening skills.You?ll discover real-world examples and modern, research-based advice on how to assist young people in improving their listening abilities and overall academic performance.

You?ll also find personal anecdotes from the accomplished and experienced author alongside accessible excerpts from the latest neuroscience research covering listening and auditory learning.Listen Wise explains why listening skills in students are crucial to improving reading skills, especially amongst those students still learning English.

The book is a critical resource that demonstrates why listening is the missing piece of the literary puzzle and shows educators exactly what they can do to support students in the development of this key skill.Perfect for K-12 teachers looking for effective new ways to understand their students and how they learn, Listen Wise will also earn a place in the libraries of college and master?s level students in education programs readying themselves for a career in teaching.UNLOCK YOUR STUDENTS?

LISTENING SKILLS WITH THIS PRACTICAL AND INSIGHTFUL BOOKOften overlooked but crucial to the development of successful academic performance and life skills, listening skills form part of the necessary foundation of literacy.

In Listen Wise: Teach Students to Be Better Listeners, author, journalist, and entrepreneur Monica Brady-Myerov offers readers an accessible and insightful guide for educators to help students improve active listening skills.?We can all improve our listening skills, given thoughtful guidance on what influences how we absorb, understand and retain ideas and information.

Monica has drawn on decades of her experience as an award-winning journalist, entrepreneur and parent to share lessons that every educator will value.??Betsy Corcoran, Co-founder, EdSurge, award-winning journalist, The Washington Post and Forbes Media?If you are looking for a clear and powerful handbook for improving students? abilities to listen to extended and complex academic messages, this is it.

Monica Brady-Myerov has written a well-researched and highly practical resource that will become a valuable cornerstone for your theory and practice.??Dr. Jeff Zwiers, Stanford University Graduate School of Education?It?s a scandal if a child leaves school unable to read or write, but the vast majority leave every year without ever learning how to listen effectively.

This book is long, long overdue and should become a vital resource in all schools as they set about designing their listening curriculum.??Julian Treasure, Sound and Communication Expert and Chairman, The Sound Agency