Morocco Marco Polo Pocket Guide, Mixed media product Book

Morocco Marco Polo Pocket Guide Mixed media product

Part of the Marco Polo Travel Guides series

Mixed media product

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Marco Polo Morocco: the Travel Guide with Insider Tips Fully revised and updated.

Now with new Discovery Tours chapter. Most travellers want to have fun and feel relaxed from the moment they arrive at their holiday destination - that's what Marco Polo Guides are all about.

This new series will appeal to all types of travellers, including those who haven't bought a travel guide in the past!

Marco Polo's unique insider tips are peppered throughout the guide - offering a real insight into the destination.

Experience all the attractions of Morocco with this up-to-date and authoritative guide, complete with Best Of recommendations.

You'll find hotels, restaurants and trendy places to go, as well as tips for shopping in the bazaars and getting by on a low budget.

There are also ideas for those travelling with children and for active pursuits as well as a summary of the country's main festivals and events.

Further sections include: Travel Tips, Food & Drink, Links, Blogs, Apps & more and index.

The world is a peacock, and Morocco is its tail - so says a Moroccan proverb.

Unforgettable impressions and experiences await you in a country that, with all its geographical, historical and cultural variety, is quite different from many other regions of the world.

With MARCO POLO Morocco you'll experience one of the most beautiful and fascinating countries on earth.

The practical, pocket-sized guide leads you through magnificent landscapes and across the Sahara Desert to impressive mud buildings, Arab old towns and colourful markets.

Accompanied by oriental hospitality, immerse yourself in the world of the Arabian Nights!

The Insider Tips reveal where, far from any bus route, you can find a palm oasis, and where saints watch over surfers.

The Best Of pages highlight some unique aspects of Morocco, recommend places to go for free, and have tips for things to do if it rains and where you can relax and unwind, while panels in each chapter suggest things to do if you're on a tight budget and where you might pick up some real bargains.

Whether you're on foot, by car on in a 4-wheel drive, there is so much to discover.

The Excursions & Tours lead you to the summit of Africa's highest mountain, to Morocco's most scenic valley and through two enormous gorges.

Whether by mule or by camel, Morocco's beauty is best explored off the beaten track. And whether you're surfing on the Atlantic or climbing in the Atlas, the Sports & Activities chapter contains the most important information and contact details.

Finally the Dos & Don'ts tell you why you should neither rush nor snap.

MARCO POLO Morocco provides comprehensive coverage of all parts of the country.

To help you find your way around there are the Where to Start panels for the main cities, a detailed Road Atlas, a useful map of Marrakech in the cover and a separate pull-out map.