Nematode Diseases of Crops and Their Sustainable Management, Paperback / softback Book

Paperback / softback

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Nematode Diseases of Crops and their Sustainable Management focuses on methods to recognize and identify nematode attackers in agriculturally important crops, offering ecologically sustainable and economically viable strategies and measures for the management of nematode infestations and diseases.

The book analyzes nematode pests as major constraints in global crop production and explores the limitations of existing nematode management technologies.

It offers comprehensive information through individually focused chapters on major nematode problems in internationally important food, fiber and beverage crops as well as in mushrooms, polyhouse agriculture and forest flora with regard to distribution, and much more. In view of the highly damaging nature of the disease complexes and complexity in their management, independent chapters on nematode-fungus and nematode-bacteria disease complexes and their management are also presented.