Human Performance in Automated and Autonomous Systems : Emerging Issues and Practical Perspectives, Hardback Book

Human Performance in Automated and Autonomous Systems : Emerging Issues and Practical Perspectives Hardback

Edited by Mustapha (University of Central Florida University of Central Florida, Florida, USA Univers Mouloua, Peter A. (Department of Psychology, University of Central Florida) Hancock


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This book is devoted to the examination of emerging practical issues related to automated and autonomous systems.

The book highlights the significance of these emergent technologies that determine the course of our daily lives.

Each unique chapter highlights human factors and engineering concerns across real-world applications, including matters related to aviation and healthcare, human-robot interaction, transportation systems, cybersecurity and cyber defense.

This book also depicts the boundaries that separate humans from machine as we continue to become ever more immersed in and symbiotic with these fast-emerging technologies.

Automation, across many occupations, has transitioned the human to a role of monitoring machines, presenting challenges related to vigilance and workload.

This book identifies the importance of an approach to automated technology that emphasizes the "human user" at the center of the design process.

Features Provides perspectives on the role of the individual and teams in complex technical systems such as aviation, healthcare, and medicine Presents the development of highly autonomous systems related to human safety and performance Examines solutions to human factors challenges presented by modern threats to data privacy and cybersecurity Discusses human perceptual and cognitive capabilities underwriting to the design of automated and autonomous systems* Provides in-depth, expert reviews of context-related developments in automation and human-robot teamingHuman Performance in Automated and Autonomous Systems: Emerging Issues and Practical Perspectives applies scientific theory directly to real-world systems where automation and autonomous technology is implemented.