My Love Story!! - Complete Collection, DVD DVD


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All 24 episodes of the animated series based on the manga by Kazune Kawahara.

Takeo Gouda (voice of Takuya Eguchi) is a very imposing figure.

Tall and muscular, his appearance tends to dissuade girls from approaching him but belies a sensitive and selfless personality.

Even when Takeo does interact with girls they ordinarily become swiftly besotted with his best friend, the handsome and charming Makoto Sunakawa (Nobunaga Shimazaki).

Yet after Takeo protects a shy girl called Rinko Yamato (Megumi Han) she develops feelings for Takeo and the two of them begin their own unique love story.

The episodes are: 'My Story', 'My Romance', 'My Blue Ogre', 'My Boyfriend', 'I'm Dense', 'My Wish', 'My Strength', 'My Friend', 'My Friend and I', 'My Mountain', 'My Ocean', 'My Grades', 'Today Is All On Me', 'My Jinx', 'My Girlfriend', 'My Disciple', 'My Christmas', 'My Birthday', 'My Mom', 'My Chocolate', 'The Letter and Me', 'The Letter to Me', 'My Spring Break' and 'My Heart'.


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