Marketing Ethics, Hardback Book

Marketing Ethics Hardback

Edited by N Craig Smith, Patrick E. Murphy

Part of the SAGE Library in Marketing series


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The burgeoning field of marketing ethics looks at the moral issues and controversies surrounding marketing theory and practice. This four-volume set focuses on understanding marketing ethics from a management perspective, including articles that: provide ways of thinking about marketing ethics; offer a descriptive account of how marketers make decisions with ethical content; present normative guidance for marketing decision-making; and address specific ethical issues in marketing practice. The editors' introduction provides an overview of the literature included in the set as well as identifying directions for future research. Volume One: Foundations of Marketing Ethics provides a conceptualization of the field, including some of the earliest contributions on the topic. Volume Two: Positive Marketing Ethics looks at how managers make ethical marketing decisions.

Volume Three: Normative Marketing Ethics focuses on normative marketing ethics, which is primarily concerned with the prescriptive considerations of how marketers should make decisions with ethical content. Volume Four: Ethical Issues in Marketing addresses the effects and possible solutions to the major ethical issues arising in the practice of marketing, both at the micro/firm level and at the more macro/systemic level.