Parenting and Child Development : Issues and Answers, Hardback Book

Parenting and Child Development : Issues and Answers Hardback

Edited by Martha Hart, Jason Novick


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In recent years, parenting research has demonstrated that toxic stressors such as intimate partner violence, postpartum depression, and substance abuse significantly diminish the quality of mother-child interaction.

Moreover, research has shown that childhood is a sensitive period, during which cumulative exposure to adversities inhibits relationship quality, mother-child interaction and subsequent child health and developmental outcomes.

Researchers have focused upon identifying populations at risk and interventions to improve related outcomes.

Parenting and Child Development: Issues and Answers encompasses a collection of seminal studies by renowned researcher Dr Nicole Letourneau.

The book starts with an examination of the mechanisms by which parent-child interaction and child developmental outcomes are diminished among high-risk families.

Promising results of peer support and reflective functioning interventions to promote parent-child interaction and healthy child development are then presented.

Finally, the book includes studies that investigate the relationship between genetics, parent-child relationships and child behaviour.