Illumination, Color and Imaging : Evaluation and Optimization of Visual Displays, Hardback Book

Illumination, Color and Imaging : Evaluation and Optimization of Visual Displays Hardback

Part of the Wiley Series in Display Technology series


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This much needed, comprehensive and modern reference on display technology, illumination sources and color imaging focuses on visual effects and how reproduced images are best matched to human visual features.

As such, it teaches readers how to exploit the knowledge of human color information processing to design usable, ergonomic, and pleasing displays or visual environments.

The contents describe design principles and methods to optimize self-luminous visual technologies for the human user, including modern still and motion image displays, and indoor light sources.

Design principles and methods are derived from the knowledge of the human visual system, with a special emphasis on color vision, color cognition, color harmony, color preference and visually evoked emotions.

The expert authors include the most important and latest applications of the design principles and methods, forming a comprehensive view of human color information processing from the receptors through the retina via high-level visual perception right up to the level of cognition, preference, harmony, as well as visually evoked emotions.

This book is included in the Wiley SID Series.