Heavy Weather, CD-Audio Book

Heavy Weather CD-Audio

Narrated by Martin Jarvis


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In this story, an engagingly vague Lord Emsworth battles to prevent a pig-napping, Lord Tillbury lurks, desperate to filch Gally Threepwood's sensational memoirs, and those formidable sisters, Julia and Constance, will do anything to sabotage the nuptials of Ronnie Fish and chorus girl Sue.

Also thrown into the proverbial mix are: Parsloe-Parsloe, Monty Bodkin and Percy Pilbeam.

Confused? So is Beach the butler, drawn into events by a heady cocktail of loyalty and self-interest.

But surely, the storm will conk out and the thunder will grumble away...This is Wodehouse's comic genius at its most magical, so expect sunshine - and even a bally rainbow - when the weather lightens and all the confusions of the castle are finally resolved.

Pip, pip!Martin Jarvis inhabits this masterpiece of cross-purposes with dazzling vocal dexterity, adding another laugh-out-loud performance to his many Wodehouse readings.


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