Piccadilly Jim, CD-Audio Book

Piccadilly Jim CD-Audio

Narrated by Martin Jarvis


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Jimmy Crocket, a.k.a. Piccadilly Jim is a lively young American ex-newspaper man who meets Ann Chester, the girl of his dreams, in London.

Problem is Jim once wrote a bad review of her first book of poetry.

They set sail for New York together with Ann still not knowing he's the dastardly critic!

Add a brilliantly colourful Manhattan setting, an unlikely butler, odd spies, eccentric 'tecs, scientific secrets, plus an odious boy called Ogden, and the ingredients are here for one of P.G.

Wodehouse's most dazzlingly comic feasts. Wonderfully funny listening that keeps up a swift pace, thanks to the classic combination of Martin Jarvis, award-winning voice actor, reading Britain's finest comic writer, P.G.

Wodehouse (1881-1975).


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