Errorless Learning and Rehabilitation of Language and Memory Impairments, Hardback Book

Errorless Learning and Rehabilitation of Language and Memory Impairments Hardback

Edited by Paul (University of Manchester, UK) Conroy, Matthew A. (University of Manchester, UK) Lambon Ralph

Part of the Special Issues of Neuropsychological Rehabilitation series


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This special issue of Neuropsychological Rehabilitation brings together seven newly published studies from a range of invited international researchers in the fields of language and memory disorders and their rehabilitation.

The studies address a range of current themes within these fields.

Critical consideration is made of the concept of errorless learning in light of the current learning literature by Middleton & Schwartz.

Identification of a locus to an errorless learning advantage in non-clinical participants is provided by Anderson and colleagues.

Evaluations of errorless learning applied to a range of clinical presentations are provided, including semantic dementia (Jokel & colleagues), anomia in Alzheimer's disease (Noonan & colleagues), aphasia (Raymer & colleagues; Conroy & Scowcroft) and apraxia of speech (Whiteside & colleagues).

The breadth and depth of these studies offers an up-to-date and comprehensive account of research developments in errorless learning and rehabilitation of language and memory impairments.

They delineate some of the current critical theoretical-clinical issues through which we might optimise learning and rehabilitative efforts more fully. This book was originally published as a special issue of the journal Neuropsychological Rehabilitation.