Peter Rabbit: The Tale of Cotton-Tail's New Friend, DVD DVD

Peter Rabbit: The Tale of Cotton-Tail's New Friend DVD

Starring Mark Huckerby, Connor Fitzgerald, Danny Price, Harriet Perring, Sarah Bolt


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Collection of episodes featuring the adventures of the popular children's character and his various animal friends.

In this collection, Peter (voice of Connor Fitzgerald) tries to rescue Benjamin (Danny Price) after he gets lost in a series of tunnels, races to replace the squirrels' hazelnuts and dreams of getting himself a giant pumpkin.

The episodes are: 'The Tale of Cotton-Tail's New Friend', 'The Tale of the Lost Tunnels', 'The Tale of the Hazelnut Raid', 'The Tale of the Giant Pumpkin', 'The Tale of the Wrecked Treehouse' and 'The Tale of the Brewing Storm'.