21st Century Garden Cities of to-Morrow, EPUB eBook

21st Century Garden Cities of to-Morrow EPUB


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The two authors complement each other beautifully, one a visionary and gutsy politician, the other a gifted academic with a deep rooted social conscience.

With the benefit of a century of post Letchworth Garden City knowledge and the lessons of two World Wars, their timely released book re-brands the Garden City from a social as well as a technical point of view.

It says it's a manifesto for 21st Century Garden Cities of To-Morrow, but it could equally be a manifesto for decent human urban survival on our cherished Planet.

It concentrates on the role of each citizen - his or her responsibilities and opportunities.

It advocates restoring basic human values back to ordinary people, away from the 'I'm doing you a favour' private pro-bono benefaction and/or cash-starved governmental institutions that seem to know the cost of everything, but the value of nothing.