Pingu: South Pole Adventures, DVD  DVD

Pingu: South Pole Adventures DVD


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13 episodes from the second series of the stop-motion animated show following the lovable penguin.

In this instalment, Pingu learns how to perform magic tricks, goes bowling with his friends and hangs out at nursery with his little sister, Pinga.

Episodes are: 'Pingu the Apprentice Magician', 'Pingu's Birthday', 'Pingu at the Fairground', 'Pingu As Babysitter', 'Pingu Cannot Lose', 'Pingu and the Disabled Penguin', 'Pingu and the Gift', 'Pingu's Hospital Visit', 'Pingu On the School Trip', 'Pingu Visits the Kindergarten', 'Pingu and the Stranger', 'Pingu Helps Around the House' and 'Pingu Builds a Snowman'.