Communication Strategies for Corporate Leaders : Implications for the Global Market, Hardback Book

Communication Strategies for Corporate Leaders : Implications for the Global Market Hardback

Part of the Contemporary Themes in Business and Management series


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Communication is key to success in every aspect of life and ever so in a competitive business environment.

This book examines managerial communication from seminal theoretical and demonstrative vantage points through interdisciplinary amalgamation of sciences and the liberal arts.

It presents new paradigms of managerial communication in the form of manoeuvres that can act as game changers in tug-of-war business situations, including difficult negotiations, conflicts and interpersonal dissonance that characterise the day-to-day corporate workplace tenor. This volume: Develops persuasion strategies based on argumentation tactics derived, for example, from legal cross-examination. Introduces 'problematisation' and 'deconstruction' as effective communication tools into mainstream managerial discourse. Employs Harvard Business School cases to demonstrate problem-solving skills, which will further serve as guide to writing business reports, plans and proposals. Positions business writing methods as taxonomical tenets that can help tackle complex business scenarios. Draws business diagnostic procedures from diverse fields such as Sherlock Holmes from popular culture, and Jared M.

Diamond from ecology. This book will be a significant resource for business communication practitioners, especially corporate managers and leaders, sales and marketing professionals, and policymakers.

It will be of interest to teachers and students alike, in business communication, organization behaviour, human resource management and marketing communications.

It will act as a useful aid for classroom efficacy for teachers and academics.