Law in Politics, Politics in Law, Paperback / softback Book

Law in Politics, Politics in Law Paperback / softback

Edited by Professor David Feldman

Part of the Hart Studies in Constitutional Law series

Paperback / softback

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Much writing on the relationship between politics and law has been overwhelmingly theoretical.

We know relatively little about the practical, day-to-day impact of law on politicians, their legal advisers and civil servants.

Yet policy can be given effect through law; legislation often has partisan, political, pragmatic aims, and legal rules and procedures can exercise unwelcome constraints on politicians when developing and implementing policies.

How do lawyers in government see their roles? How does politics affect the drafting of legislation or the making of policy?

This volume begins to answer these and other questions in a number of settings.

Contributors include former departmental legal advisers, drafters of legislation, law reformers, judges and academics, who focus on what actually happens when law meets politics in government. 'I do not hesitate to recommend this book, both to participants in political and legal process and also the interested general reader: it contains a great deal of first-class material and is a welcome addition to the literature in this area'. Saira Salimi, Statute Law Review 'One of the most noticeable features of this collection - and perhaps the main source of its originality and diversity - is the impressive range of contributors.

Overall, this is a terrific collection of essays [which will] be of value to anyone interested in the 'stuff' of law and politics.

Even those well versed in that 'stuff' will surely find some thought-provoking new perspectives here'.

Joseph Tomlinson, The Journal of Legislative Studies 'Overall, this collection presents the complexities of the relationship between politics and law rather well, even if, as with most edited collections, one would struggle to refine a clear and focused conclusion having read all the chapters.

However, while this is often a problem, here it more fairly represents the analytical differences that are evident in examining the subject'.

Christopher May, Political Studies Review 'This rigorous, ranging and broad-minded book reflects the best of two worlds; it is a valuable read for those who try to walk the line between them'. Mark Davies, The Table 'The book provides well-rounded insight into the intricate relationship between Politics and Law'.

J Kern, European Review of Public Law ' ... the value [of this volume] lies in the fact that it brings together a multiplicity of highly-respected voices, not only from academia, but also from institutional and professional levels, who have been working on the various possible ways of interpreting the relationship between politics and law'. (Translated from the original Italian) Nicola Lupo, Rivista Trimestrale di Diritto Pubblico