Noroviruses : Outbreaks, Control & Prevention Strategies, Hardback Book

Noroviruses : Outbreaks, Control & Prevention Strategies Hardback

Edited by Professor Jesus L Romalde


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Noroviruses are responsible for approximately 90% of epidemics worldwide; in particular, non-bacterial outbreaks of gastroenteritis in humans around the world, causing approximately 200,000 deaths annually in developing countries.

In addition, after the introduction of rotavirus vaccination programs, the norovirus is the most common cause of paediatric gastroenteritis, requiring medical care in the high- and middle-income countries.

All of this information is indicative of norovirus prevalence worldwide, and of the necessity of efforts to develop effective tools for their control and prevention.

The prevalence of noroviruses worldwide is alarming, and this information is indicative of the necessity for effective tools to aid in their control and prevention.

This book presents a compilation of recent research on these aspects, providing essential and specific information to help further understand the prevalence and distribution of norovirus genotypes and strains, the potential emergence of new strains of this pathogen, as well as strategies for their prevention and treatment.


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