Python Challenge, Paperback / softback Book

Python Challenge Paperback / softback

Paperback / softback

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Learn to program fast in 155 challenges, 53 examples and 85 pages.There's no substitute for practice when it comes to learning a new skill!

Python syntax is simple to learn, but becoming an expert in writing programs to solve different kinds of problems takes a bit longer.

That's why this book has a short explanation of each new statement or technique, followed by one or more examples and then loads of practice challenges.Some of the challenges will take you only a minute or two, using the Python Interactive window to try out new statements and get immediate results.

As you get further into the book, you will be challenged to write programs to perform different kinds of tasks - for example to find the results of a calculation, write a program for a simplified cash machine, sort a list of items into alphabetical order, or to record data in a text file to be read, formatted, and printed.The programming solutions to some challenges have been helpfully simplified for an inexperienced programmer to modify rather than to write from scratch.

This builds your confidence in problem-solving. That's why 35 challenges consist of partially written programs for you to complete.


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