Surgical Handicrafts : Manual for Surgical Residents & Surgeons, Hardback Book

Surgical Handicrafts : Manual for Surgical Residents & Surgeons Hardback


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This book is a practical guide to the basics of surgery for interns, residents and practising surgeons.

It serves as an instruction manual on best practice and preparations for surgery. Comprising 45 chapters, the text begins with discussion on duties and responsibilities of house surgeons and residents, before detailing different techniques for best practice in a variety of areas, including sterile hand washing and gloving techniques, resuscitation of a patient, insertion of IV cannula, Ryles tube and Foley Catheter, local anaesthetics and nerve blocks, and minor surgical procedures. Other important chapters include discussion on the MRSA super-bug, and the 'Safe Surgery Saves Lives' initiative from the World Health Organisation. The second edition has been fully revised to present the latest techniques in the field.

Additional chapters are included covering informed consent and negligence, surgical knots, intestinal and vascular anastomosis, energy sources in surgery, and surgical nutrition. The new edition features nearly 500 surgical photographs and figures, and includes a DVD ROM demonstrating bandaging techniques, tube thoracostomy, central venous cannulation, and venous cutdown. Key pointsPractical guide to surgery for trainees and surgeonsFully revised, second edition featuring many new topicsHighly illustrated with images and figures, and includes a DVD ROM demonstrating proceduresPrevious edition (9789351527220) published in 2015