Approaches to Understanding Breast Cancer : Volume 151, Hardback Book

Approaches to Understanding Breast Cancer : Volume 151 Hardback


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Approaches to Understanding Breast Cancer, Volume 151, the latest volume in the Progress in Molecular Biology and Translational Science series focuses on breast cancer, with new chapters that include information on Breast Cancer Epidemiology, Prevention, and Screening, DCIS: Current Principles of Management, Pregnancy and Hormonal Prevention of Breast Cancer, Chemokines: Key Players in Pathobiology of Breast Cancer, Mircrobiota and Breast Cancer, Experimental Therapeutic Use of Estrogen Receptor Beta Agonists in Prevention and Treatment of Endocrine Therapy Resistant Breast Cancers: Observations from Pre-Clinical Models, Targeting Breast Cancer Stem Cells: Key for Anti-Metastatic Therapy, and Experimental Therapy of Advanced Breast Cancer: Target NFAT1-MDM2-p53 Pathway.