Governance and Governmentality for Projects : Enablers, Practices, and Consequences, Hardback Book

Governance and Governmentality for Projects : Enablers, Practices, and Consequences Hardback

Edited by Ralf Muller

Part of the Routledge Studies in Corporate Governance series


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This research-based book takes an organization-wide perspective to describe the governance and governmentality for projects in organizations.

Governance of projects defines and directs the ways managers of projects, programs, and project portfolios carry out their work.

Governmentality is the way the managers of these managers present themselves to those they lead. Governance and Governmentality for Projects starts with introducing existing theories, models and paradigms for governance and governmentality.

It then develops a chronological framework of the ways governance and governmentality for projects is enabled in organizations, how it subsequently unfolds in organizations of different types and sectors, and the consequences of different governance approaches for project results, trust, control, and ethical issues in projects.

Special emphasis is given to the link between corporate governance and the governance of project, programs and project portfolios.

Three real-life case studies exemplify the research findings described in the book.

Through its structure this book describes the development of governance and governmentality in the realm of projects from its organizational origins, via observable practices, to expected consequences of different implementations.

Aimed at academics, post-graduate students in business and management, reflective practitioners, standards or policy developers, those in governance roles and others in need of a detailed knowledge of the spectrum of project related governance in organizations, this book will help develop a comprehensive understanding of the theoretical and practical underpinnings of the subject, their interaction, and implications for implementation.

This allows for understanding and developing of both generic and idiosyncratic governance structures, such as those needed in project-based organizations.