The Art of Seamanship, Hardback Book

The Art of Seamanship Hardback


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Wind, waves, weather, and water demand the practiced art of seamanship"Planning and reacting to the unanticipated are the flip sides of seamanship.

This blending of pre-voyage preparedness with effective on-the-water response is learned rather than inherent--together they define the art of seamanship." -- Author RALPH NARANJOEach time a sailboat casts off its docklines the sailor enters a marine realm that demands knowledge, preparedness, vigilance, and coolheadedness--these qualities are the foundation of good seamanship.

Both an art as well as a science, seamanship is also the mastery of numerous practical details, from the best choice of line for a jib sheet to an accurate assessment of the passage of a deep low-pressure system. Around-the-world sailor Ralph Naranjo--technical expert, ocean racer, former Vanderstar Chair at the U.S.

Naval Academy--delivers a priceless reference for anything that comes up while on the water, sharing all the knowledge today's sailors need to "hand, reef, and steer"--an enduring reference to the collective skills of the bluewater sailor.

Naranjo's vast knowledge is supported by real-life examples of sailing mishaps, sample itineraries, vibrant photos, as well as first-hand accounts and sidebarsfrom top sailors and marine experts, including Shelia McCurdy, Chuck Hawley, Lee Chesneau, and Paul Miller, N.A.Seamanship is a dynamic art, demanding full attention from the sailor amidst a constant flow of information and knowledge. The Art of Seamanship will improve your problem-solving skills, whether daysailing around the harbor or voyaging around the world. You'll learn:The attributes of a good skipper and crew-includingphysical and mental agility, effective communication, andknowledge-based decision makingFine-tuning your voyaging with the seaworthiness of your boat and the capability of your crew in mindUsing weather information and routing resources to lower risks and raise rewardsDeveloping advanced boat-handling skills-includingheaving-to, towing a drogue, reefing, setting storm sails,and kedgingLines, line handling, and rigging--making sure the right strings are attached, including an in-depth look at modern rope constructionAnchoring--the art of staying put--with a realistic lookat tackle from lunch hooks to storm anchorsSails, modern sail material, sail trim, sail handling, and hardware, from hanked-on headsails to the latest top-down furlersNavigating in the satellite age, including paper and digital chartplotting, how to best use the new equipment, plus understanding the role of celestial navigation as a fail-safeSailboat design and dynamics, including the role of vessel structure and stability and a look at what your current boat has to offer and what to look for in a new boatSharing crowded waters and understanding the reasonsbehind the "rules of the road"How to be ready for any emergency, including fire, crewoverboard, a flooding bilge, or the need to abandon shipEstablishing reliable communication, including VHF, AIS, SSB, satellite phones, and beacon signaling (EPIRBS, PLBS)


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