Soil-Specific Farming : Precision Agriculture, Hardback Book

Soil-Specific Farming : Precision Agriculture Hardback

Edited by Rattan (The Ohio State University) Lal, B.A. (West Texas A&M University, Canyon, USA) Stewart

Part of the Advances in Soil Science series


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Faced with challenges of resource scarcity and environmental degradation, it is important to adopt innovative farming systems that maximize resource efficiency while protecting the environment.

Soil-Specific Farming: Precision Agriculture focuses on principles and applications of soil-specific farming, providing information on rapidly evolving agricultural technologies.

It addresses assessments of soil variability and application of modern innovations to enhance use efficiency of fertilizers, irrigation, tillage, and pesticides through targeted management of soils and crops.

This book provides the technological basis of adopting and promoting precision agriculture (PA) for addressing the issues of resource scarcity, environmental pollution, and climate change.

It focuses specifically on PA technologies and discusses historical evolution, soil variability at different scales, soil fertility and nutrient management, water quality, land leveling techniques, and special ecosystems involving small landholders and coastal regions.

Highlighting the scale-related issues and concerns of small landholders, the text details the efficient use of resources on the basis of soil/field variability and site-specific conditions.

It examines how PA technology can increase productivity, enhance profitability, and minimize environmental degradation.

Woven throughout is the theme of sustainable use of resources.