Repo! The Genetic Opera, Blu-ray  BluRay


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Opulently blood-spattered sci-fi gothic rock opera.

In the near future, humankind is suffering a worldwide epidemic of organ failures.

In the midst of the crisis, a multinational biotech corporation called GeneCo launches a finance programme for organ transplants.

But there's a catch: those who miss their monthly payments are hunted down and 'repossessed' by the dreaded Repo Men, who are out to retrieve their property as quickly - and as painfully - as they can.

Alexa Vega stars as Shilo Wallace, an over-protected young girl seeking answers to her own rare disease and her family's mysterious history.

Will her questions finally be answered at the eagerly-anticipated, flamboyantly spectacular Genetic Opera?

Paul Sorvino and Paris Hilton co-star.


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