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Dr Henry Jekyll believes that there are two distinct sides to men - one good, one evil.

Intent on separating the two, he succeeds in his experiments.

However, in doing so, he unleashes Hyde, a monstrous and uncontrollable alter ego... Prepare for the fright of your life in a dramatic new adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's classic and atmospheric Gothic melodrama, Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. This audio production is adapted from the 2016 touring stage production adapted and directed by Nicholas Briggs. CAST: John Heffernan (Dr Henry Jekyll/Mr Edward Hyde), Nicholas Asbury (Dr Hastie Lanyon),Claire Corbett (Mrs Poole/Maisy/Paterson/Lanyon's Maid), Barnaby Edwards (Mr RichardEnfield/Constable/Sir Danvers Carew), Barnaby Kay (Gabriel Utterson), Robert Portal (Inspector Newcomen).

Other parts played by members of the cast. THIS RELEASE WILL HAVE A LIMITED CD PRESSING OF 1000 COPIES.


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