Roll Out the Barrel - The British Pub On Film, DVD  DVD

Roll Out the Barrel - The British Pub On Film DVD

Directed by Richard Massingham


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Collection of shorts, documentaries, trade films and newsreel footage exploring the history of the British pub and its place in society.

The titles comprise: 'The Story of English Inns' (1944), 'Down at the Local' (1945), 'The Inn That Crossed the Sea' (1950), 'Tramp's Ball' (1953), 'Beer and Skittles' (1954), 'The Old Pheasant' (1958), 'The Friendly Inn' (1958), 'Mining Review 16th Year No.5' (1963), 'Lucy's Table' (1965), 'All in Good Time' (1964), 'A Working Men's Club in Sheffield' (1965), 'The Ship Hotel - Tyne Main' (1967), 'Under the Table You Must Go' (1969), 'Guinness for You' (1971), 'A Round of Bass' (1972), 'Henry Cleans Up' (1974), 'What'll You Have?' (1977), 'New Pubs for Old - UK' (1979), 'New Pubs for Old - International' (1979)' and 'Local Life' (1982).