Learn-O-Grams : Pictorial Puzzles to Warm Up, Wind Down, and Energize Learning: w/CD-ROM, Paperback / softback Book

Learn-O-Grams : Pictorial Puzzles to Warm Up, Wind Down, and Energize Learning: w/CD-ROM Paperback / softback

Paperback / softback

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In Learn-o-grams Ron Roberts presents a wealth of energizing and entertaining puzzles designed for training sessions that are a combination of words, letters, and pictures that represent a more complex word or phrase.

To solve these puzzles participants must think outside the box, stretch their imagination, and use both the left and right side of the brain.

Learn-o-grams game book is unique and adds a dash of excitement to training sessions, meeting openers, energizer, breaks, topical transitions, and closers.

These fun-filled puzzles are also ideal for teaching skills such as communication, leadership and risk taking, teamwork and group synergy, strategic planning and execution, process improvement and accelerated learning, as well as systems thinking. Learn-o-grams are challenging, research-based and proven to enhance learning, appropriate for all generations and age ranges, and designed to be humorously entertaining. All the puzzles in Learn-o-grams Combine fun and learning Offer an experiential learning tool to help participants solve problems Explore how to think differently and test assumptions Show how to see day-to-day events more clearly The companion full-color CD includes hundreds of combinations of Learn-o-gram training warm-ups, starters, topical enhancements, and closers that can be used with groups as small as four and as large as eighty-eight. "Learn-o-grams allows participants to process and value the differences that each of us brings to the table since we all look at the same picture in life and offer our own interpretation.

These exercises help learners to capitalize on one another's experiences, so we can all begin to see past our first initial interpretation and truly see the whole picture in work and life." --Robert Rynkiewicz, trainer, Merck Pharmaceuticals - Vaccine Dept "Through his eyes, Ron Roberts brings a unique look at everyday life.

Learn-o-gram's unique and creative pictures offer the opportunity for groups to actively work together to achieve a common goal by utilizing our knowledge and everyday experiences and building upon them."--Suzanne Holloman, dean, Montgomery County Community College "Corporate trainers, sales managers, educators and anyone in a leadership role will want to use Learn-o-grams because it combines learning and fun, and creates real change in the way people think.

I strongly recommend this game as part of any training program." --Jon Vroman, national sales promotion manager, Vector Marketing Corporation "The real value of Ron Roberts training games is that we saw an immediate improvement, by both managers and workforce alike, in their ability to perform as a team and to communicate effectively." --George Connors, Ret.

Commander, U.S. Navy