Advances in Inorganic Chemistry : Homogeneous Biomimetic Oxidation Catalysis Volume 58, Hardback Book


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Advances in Inorganic Chemistry Volume 58 focuses on homogeneous biomimetic oxidation catalysis.

Contributions by leading experts in the field cover important advances in inorganic and bioinorganic chemistry.

Contributions include diversity-based approaches to selective biomimetic oxidation catalysis; the selective conversion of hydrocarbons with H2O2 using biomimetic non-heme iron and manganese oxidation catalysis; DNA oxidation by copper and manganese complexes; influences of the ligand in copper-dioxygen complex-formation and substrate oxidations; biomimetic oxidations by dinuclear and trinuclear copper complexes.

In the final contribution the authors focus on green oxidation of alcohols using biomimetic copper complexes and enzymes as catalysts.

Volume 58 provides another welcomed addition to the widely acclaimed series, Advances in Inorganic Chemistry.