Data-Centric Biology : A Philosophical Study, Paperback / softback Book

Data-Centric Biology : A Philosophical Study Paperback / softback

Paperback / softback

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In recent decades, there has been a major shift in the way researchers process and understand scientific data.

Digital access to data has revolutionized ways of doing science in the biological and biomedical fields, leading to a data-intensive paradigm for research that uses innovative methods to produce, store, distribute, and interpret huge amounts of data.

In Data-Centric Biology, Sabina Leonelli probes the implications of these advancements and confronts the questions they pose.

Are we witnessing the rise of an entirely new scientific epistemology?

If so, how does that alter the way we study and understand life including ourselves? Leonelli is the first scholar to use a study of contemporary data-intensive science to provide a philosophical analysis of the epistemology of data.

In analyzing the rise, internal dynamics, and potential impact of data-centric biology, she draws on scholarship across diverse fields of science and the humanities as well as her own original empirical material to pinpoint the conditions under which digitally available data can further our understanding of life.

What, under these new conditions, counts as scientific evidence?And how do we actually turn data into new knowledge?

Bridging the divide between historians, sociologists, and philosophers of science, Data-Centric Biology offers a nuanced account of an issue that is of fundamental importance to our understanding of contemporary scientific practices.


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