Fair Trade First, Hardback Book

Fair Trade First Hardback


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Fair Trade First explores what fair trade is, how it helps people and why we should all support itIt looks at fair trade products, from bananas to footballs, and where and how they are made, bringing the processes to life with carefully selected case studies and quotes from farmers and producers who have been helped by the Fairtrade Foundation.

As a topic, it ties in with themes that really resonate today, such as conscious consumerism, product sustainability and climate change. The book also contains practical suggestions for how readers can help support fair trade initiatives, as well as some fun recipes to try at home.

The text has been reviewed by the Fairtrade Foundation, and they have also supplied many of the images used in the book.

Perfect reading for children aged 9 and up. ContentsWhat is fair trade? A Fairtrade story: chocolate A Fairtrade story: bananas A Fairtrade story: coffee A Fairtrade story: tea A Fairtrade story: sugar A Fairtrade story: cotton More Fairtrade products Supporting Fairtrade Questions and answers Glossary and further information Index