Bad Kids : The Naughtiest Children in History, Paperback Book

Bad Kids : The Naughtiest Children in History Paperback



So you're standing outside the Head's office, waiting to be told off for breaking a classroom window.

You've got sweaty palms and a serious sinking feeling in your stomach.

Do you think no one's ever had a life as bad as you?

Well, you're wrong. Kids in the past have had to suffer much worse punishments than a lecture about how they've let the whole school down.

For instance however angry your Head gets, it's fairly certain that she's not going to put you in a pillory and nail your ears to it.

All through history, children have been getting into some serious scrapes. And they didn't often get off lightly. Tony Robinson takes you on a guided tour through the lives of outlaw children from history, their dastardly crimes and awful punishments.




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