Plays Two, Paperback / softback Book

Plays Two Paperback / softback


Paperback / softback

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In "Toast" seven men come together to bake enough bread to feed the population of Hull.

It's just another Sunday. The ovens are cranked up and running...but there's a spanner in the works which threatens bread production in Hull for good, and life as they know it for the men on the shift.

In "Smack Family Robinson" things have changed since Dad set up the family business in the 60s: new products, more competition, and a bigger market.

At the end of the day though, it's still all about cash and stock.

But this is no ordinary family business - the Robinsons are drug dealers.

Why has middle manager Stephen England (Mr England) got up in the night and defecated on the living room carpet?

His wife Judith doesn't know, nor does his mother Irene.

Only Andy, the gauche youth who regularly turns up uninvited to borrow his power tools, can save him (or destroy him). "Honeymoon Suite" deals with love. How can a union cope with poverty, corruption, his ignorance, her aspiration, an ungrateful daughter, no sons, infidelity with an attractive bloke on an evening class, God knows how many miscarriages and even murder!