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This title features 96 cards featuring a selection of living creatures from all over the world.

Use these cards as a starting point for conversation or ask the user to sort them into their categories.

The difficulty can be varied, for example, 'Point at the bird' or 'Which lays eggs?'. The categories are:Wild Land Animals - such as elephants, lion, mouseDomestic Animals - such as cat, dog, horseInsects/Mini Beasts - such as butterfly, housefly, waspReptiles & Amphibians - such as alligator, frog, snakeMarine Life - such as crab, dolphin, lobsterBirds - such as duck, owl, sparrow. This is part of our 'Library' flashcards collection and is a core resource for vocabulary work and can be used to enhance a range of language skills.

It is suitable for all ages.




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