After We Die : Theology, Philosophy, and the Question of Life after Death, Hardback Book

After We Die : Theology, Philosophy, and the Question of Life after Death Hardback


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In After We Die , philosopher Stephen T. Davis subjects one of Christianity's key beliefsathat Christians not only will survive death but also will enjoy bodily resurrectionato searching philosophical analysis.

Facing each critique squarely, Davis contends that traditional, historic belief about the eschatological future is philosophically defensible. Davis examines personal extinction, reincarnation, and immortality of the soul.

By juxtaposing two systems of salvationareincarnation/karma and resurrection/graceaDavis explores the Christian claim that humans will be raised from the dead, as well as the radical Christian assertions of Jesus' resurrection, ascension, and long-anticipated return.

Davis finally addresses Christian thinking about heaven, hell, and purgatory. The philosophical defense of Christianity's core beliefs enables Davis to render a reasonable answer to the eternal question of what happens to us after we die. After We Die is essential reading for teachers and students of philosophy, theology, and Bible, as well as anyone interested in a reasoned analysis of historic Christian faith, particularly as it pertains to the inevitable end of each and every human being.