Red Snapper Biology in a Changing World, Hardback Book

Red Snapper Biology in a Changing World Hardback

Edited by Stephen T. Szedlmayer, Stephen A. (Minnesota Sea Grant College Program, Duluth, USA) Bortone

Part of the CRC Marine Biology Series series


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Red Snapper Lutjanus campechanus, is an important commercial and recreational fish species and there has been much interest in maintaining its status among a variety of scientific, social and economic levels.

Stocks are influenced by varying environmental conditions, changing fishing effort and efficiency, anthropogenic effects, inter- and intraspecific interactions, bycatch from other fisheries, and habitat alterations.

Red Snapper Biology in a Changing World explores these changing factors and their potential effects on Red Snapper in the Eastern Atlantic region including the Gulf of Mexico and Southeastern U.S.

The book will provide a better understanding of Red Snapper population fluctuations that will subsequently allow for better management decisions and more informed user groups in their efforts to maintain a sustainable fishery.

It explores the responses Red Snapper have made, and are making, relative to their life history attributes such as early life history and adult ecology, especially attributes associated with population distribution and abundance, movement patterns, fish health issues and management success.

A compendium of many papers presented at the 147th annual meeting of the American Fisheries Society in Tampa, Florida, this volume also includes additional research completed as a result of the symposium.

It will be essential reading for fisheries scientists and managers, ichthyologists, resource and environmental managers, and policymakers who are involved with coastal fisheries.