Canine Pioneer - The Extraordinary Life of Rudolphina Menzel, Paperback / softback Book

Canine Pioneer - The Extraordinary Life of Rudolphina Menzel Paperback / softback

Paperback / softback

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An insightful look at the life and legacy of a pioneer cynologist between Europe and Israel. Rudolphina Menzel (nee Waltuch, 1891-1973), was a Viennese-born, Jewish scientist whose pioneering research on canine psychology, development, and behavior fundamentally shaped the ways dogs came to be trained, cared for, and understood.

Between the two world wars, Menzel was known throughout Europe as one of the foremost breeders and trainers of police dogs and served as a sought-after consultant at Kummersdorf, the German military dog training institute in Berlin.

She was also a fervent Zionist who was responsible for inventing the canine infrastructure in what came to be the State of Israel and for training hundreds of dogs to protect Jewish lives and property in pre-state Palestine.

Teaching Jews to like dogs and training dogs to serve Jews became Menzel's unique kind of Zionist mission.

Detailed and insightful, Canine Pioneer: The Extraordinary Life of Rudolphina Menzel brings to light an important piece of history.


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