Sword of Freedom: The Complete Series, DVD  DVD


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The complete series of the 1950s adventure show following the attempts of a maverick freedom fighter to bring down the tyrant who exercises control over 16th century Florence.

Marco del Monte (Edmund Purdom) is prepared to die for his belief in a free society.

No doubt the tyrannical Duke de Medici (Martin Benson) would be happy to kill him as well, but Marco is an elusive figure and a redoubtable enemy.

The episodes are: 'Francesca', 'The Sicilian', 'Choice of Weapons', 'Caterina', 'The Hero', 'Portrait in Emerald Green', 'The Duke', 'The Eye of the Artist', 'The Tower', 'Alessandro', 'The Ship', 'The Bracelet', 'The Slave', 'The Bell', 'The Suspects', 'Serenade in Red', 'Marriage of Convenience', 'The Value of Paper', 'The Pagan Venus', 'Forgery in Red Chalk', 'Vespucci', 'The School', 'Chart of Gold', 'The Ambassador', 'The Lion and the Mouse', 'Angelica's Past', 'The Besieged Duchess', 'Cristina', 'The Strange Intruder', 'The Primavera', 'A Game of Chance', 'The Marionettes', 'The Reluctant Duke', 'The Vendetta', 'Who Is Felecia?', 'Violetta', 'Adrianna', 'The Assassin' and 'The Woman in the Picture'.