Sound, Paperback Book



Set on the Jersey Shore over the course of one long summer, "Sound" is the story of Cincy, a young man who returns, somewhat reluctantly, to his childhood town and takes up a job as a boatyard manager.

The town is saturated with nostalgia and melancholy for Cincy, and as he attempts to oversee the eclectic employees at the boatyard, he struggles to find meaning in a place that seems only to offer mundanity ...until one evening he meets Vera and his purpose becomes clear.

A poignant love affair with an incredibly atmospheric setting, Cincy's search for meaning and his battle to get the girl are brilliantly evoked using the form of a musical score, with the reader 'hearing' the book as it is read: dialogue, thought, heartbeats and a hip-hop soundtrack are layered throughout the pages.

A haunting and emotive story, enriched by a highly unusual new form, "Sound" rings out with simple, understated clarity.

It is a wildly imaginative and inventive debut.




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