Being Here Now, Paperback / softback Book

Being Here Now Paperback / softback

Paperback / softback

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If you have ever felt that you are only what you see, this thought-provoking book will delight you with the discovery that you are much more.

The new science that has brought us quantum physics has plunged us head first into a kind of technological wizardry that has not only challenged our experience of time and space, but has opened us up to the very real reality of the virtual.

It has melded the spiritual thinking of Eastern thought with the scientific understandings of the West.

Using simple and delightful illustrations throughout, Being Here Now explores the paradigm shift that, whether we are ready or not, is already upon us.

Form is discovered to be empty, and emptiness full and overflowing.

Particles refuse to exist without an observer and remain in the infinite world of potential as waves until sparked by the creative impulse of the universe.

Do things exist as solid matter if they go unnoticed?

Do things exist independently of us? In the cauldron of our own human conscious the seen and the unseen become alchemised into form.

Explore the relationship of self to oneness, of form to emptiness, and discover who we truly are.