The A Word, DVD DVD


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Six-part BBC drama about a family adjusting to life with their autistic son.

At first Alison and Paul Hughes (Morven Christie and Lee Ingleby) are in denial about the unusual behaviour displayed by their five-year-old son Joe (Max Vento).

But his grandfather Maurice (Christopher Eccleston) forces the pair to confront reality when he discovers Joe has autism.

The family try as best they can to cope with the life-changing revelation but find themselves fighting over their intentions for Joe.

Alison responds by pulling him out of school which only exacerbates the tensions within the family and jealousy within Joe's sister Rebecca (Molly Wright).

Meanwhile, Joe's uncle Eddie (Greg McHugh) and his partner Nicole (Vinette Robinson) come to stay as they try to work through their own personal problems in light of a recent affair but Joe's diagnosis forces Nicole to seek help from an old flame.


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