The Acid House, DVD DVD


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Irvine Welsh adapts three stories from his 'Acid House' collection for the screen.

In 'The Granton Star Cause', Boab Coyle (Stephen McCole) is happy playing for his local football team and dating girlfriend Evelyn.

When he loses both, however, along with his job and home, he turns to drink - only to meet God (Maurice Roëves) in a pub. 'A Soft Touch' tells the story of Johnny (Kevin McKidd), an easily manipulated man who loses his girlfriend to violent and psychotic neighbour Larry (Gary McCormack).

In 'The Acid House', raver Coco (Ewen Bremner) finds that he has swapped places with Tom, newborn baby of middle class couple Rory (Martin Clunes) and Jenny, after an acid trip.