Let It Be, CD / Remastered Album Cd

Let It Be CD / Remastered Album

by The Beatles

CD / Remastered Album

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Twelfth and final studio album by the acclaimed British pop rock group, originally released in 1970. The album was conceived at a time when the band's members grew increasingly hostile to each other, impeding their creative process. It was recorded and projected for release (under its original title of 'Get Back') before their album 'Abbey Road' (1969); for this reason, some critics and fans argue that 'Abbey Road' should be considered the group's final album and 'Let It Be' the penultimate. The album contains the tracks 'Across the Universe', 'Let It Be', 'The Long and Winding Road' and 'Get Back'.

Track Listing

  1. Two of Us 3.37
  2. Dig a Pony 3.55
  3. Across the Universe 3.49
  4. I Me Mine 2.26
  5. Dig It 0.50
  6. Let It Be 4.03
  7. Maggie Mae 0.41
  8. I've Got a Feeling 3.38
  9. One After 909 2.56
  10. The Long and Winding Road 3.38
  11. For You Blue 2.33
  12. Get Back 3.07