The Brittas Empire: The Complete Series 1-7, DVD DVD


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The complete seven series of the classic British comedy in which Chris Barrie plays Gordon Brittas, the manager of Whitbury New Town Leisure Centre.

Gordon means well and he tries hard but life just never seems to go his way.

With the help of assistant Laura (Julia St John), janitor Colin (Michael Burns) and emotional receptionist Carole (Harriet Thorpe), Gordon tries his best to run a successful establishment while supporting his staff and making people's lives easier.

Unfortunately this doesn't always go to plan and Gordon often upsets his staff, offends the customers and has even turned his wife onto medication and other men.

Series 1 episodes are: 'Laying the Foundations', 'Opening Day', 'Bye Bye Baby', 'Underwater Wedding', 'Stop Thief' and 'Assassin'.

Series 2 episodes are: 'Back from the Dead', 'Temple of the Body', 'An Inspector Calls', 'Set in Concrete', 'Mums and Dads', 'Safety First' and 'New Generations'.

Series 3 episodes are: 'The Trial', 'That Creeping Feeling', 'Laura's Leaving', 'Two Little Boys', 'Sex, Lies and Red Tape' and 'The Stuff of Dreams'.

Series 4 episodes are: 'Not a Good Day', 'The Christening', 'Biggles Tells a Lie', 'Mr Brittas Changes Trains', 'Playing With Fire', 'Shall We Dance?', 'The Chop' and 'High Noon'.

Series 5 episodes are: 'The Old, Old Story', 'Blind Devotion', 'Brussels Calling', 'The Lies Have It', 'The Boss', 'Pregnant!', 'UXB' and 'The Last Day'.

Series 6 episodes are: 'Back With a Bang', 'Body Language', 'At the Double', 'A Walk On the Wildside', 'We All Fall Down', 'Mr Brittas Falls in Love' and 'Snap Happy'.

Series 7 episodes are: 'The Elephant's Child', 'Reviewing the Situation', 'http://etc', 'Wake Up the Lion Within', 'The Disappearing Act', 'Gavin Featherly RIP', 'Exposed' and 'Curse of the Tiger Women'.