The Man Who Wouldn't Talk, DVD DVD

The Man Who Wouldn't Talk DVD

Directed by Herbert Wilcox


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Herbert Wilcox directs this 1950s British thriller starring Anthony Quayle and Anna Neagle.

Britain becomes something of a Cold War battleground when CIA agents Frank Smith (Quayle) and Eve Trent (Zsa Zsa Gabor) make their way into the country to rendezvous with a defector from the East who possesses scientific secrets.

However, the Russians are aware of the meeting and hatch a plan to thwart Frank by framing him for a murder.

Forced into a position where he can't defend himself from the crime he is accused of without compromising national security, Frank holds his silence and will have to hope that Mary Randall Q.C. (Neagle) can get to the bottom of events of her own accord.