The Smurfs: Complete Season Five, DVD DVD

The Smurfs: Complete Season Five DVD


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All 24 episodes from the fifth season of the 1980s animated children's TV show.

The episodes are: 'Stuck On Smurfs/Puppy', 'Papa's Day Off/The Smurflings', 'He Who Smurfs Last/Baby's First Word', 'The Masked Pie Smurfer/Sassette', 'Papa's Puppy Prescription/Poet's Writer's Block', 'Smurf a Mile in My Shoes', 'Dreamy's Pen Pals/Papa's Flying Bed', 'Mud Wrestling Smurfs/The Sand Witch', 'Kow-Tow, We Won't Bow', 'Bigmouth's Friend/Wild and Wooly', 'The Dark-Ness Monster', 'The Grouchiest Game in Town/Queen Smurfette', 'Marco Smurf and the Pepper Pirates', 'Educating Bigmouth/Brainy Smurf, Friend to All the Animals', 'The Comet Is Coming', 'Happy Unhappiness Day to You/The Great Slime Crop Failure', 'Papa's Family Album', 'Love Those Smurfs/Mutiny On the Smurf', 'Things That Go Smurf in the Night/Alarming Smurfs', 'Smurfette's Rose/The Mr. Smurf Contest', 'Have You Smurfed Your Pet, Today?/Unsound Smurfs', 'All Work and No Smurf/Gargamel's Time Trip', 'They're Smurfing Our Song' and 'Brainy's Smarty Party'.