The Upsetter - The Life and Music of Lee 'Scratch' Perry, DVD DVD

The Upsetter - The Life and Music of Lee 'Scratch' Perry DVD

Directed by Ethan Higbee


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Documentary looking at the life and musical influence of Lee 'Scratch' Perry.

Much more than just a document of Lee Perry's life and music, this film also takes a look at the evolution of reggae music in general and states how this man almost single handedly gave a new direction to Jamaican music and paved the way for later genres like hip hop to flourish.

Throughout his life, Lee Perry was called upon by other musicians such as The Clash and Paul McCartney for musical guidance and is also responsible for tutoring a young Bob Marley.

The film, narrated by Benicio del Toro, gives a unique insight into the man and the music he brought to the world.