Empire's Eagles : The Fate of the Napoleonic Elite in America, Hardback Book

Empire's Eagles : The Fate of the Napoleonic Elite in America Hardback


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The never-before told story of how Napoleon's top brass escaped to America after Waterloo.

Empire's Eagles is colorful, new, and an effectively unknown chapter in American history.

In its center is the mystery of whether Napoleon's "Bravest of the brave," Marshal Ney, cheated a firing squad to escape under an alias and reinvent himself in America. At sunset on June 18, 1815 Napoleon Bonaparte was in desperate flight from the battlefield at Waterloo.

Racing to reach Paris, he abandoned on the road his armored coach and Imperial necessaire containing a fortune in precious gems and cash.

Would he stand and fight again or flee to the United States of America?

On the run and with his options dwindling by the day, Napoleon came within one hour of secretly slipping to America on a Baltimore privateer with the active collusion of the United States consul in Bordeaux.

Empire's Eagles tells the details of this story for the first time ever.


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