All About Options, 3E, Paperback / softback Book

All About Options, 3E Paperback / softback

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Paperback / softback

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Now completely revised and updated, the Third Edition of Tom McCafferty's best-selling All About Options provides a practical guide to the risks and rewards of investing in options_from options basics to hedging and speculating to options pricing. Already used successfully by thousands of individuals nationwide, this powerful financial resource now incorporates all the latest developments in the options market that have occurred since the advent of the 21st century. The Third Edition of All About Options explains how to use the Internet for research and developing a trading to employ LEAPs to hedge against volatile markets...why direct-access trading has changed the rules for choosing a to select the most effective software programs ...and which new factors are essential for success in today's options market. This updated classic also analyzes the mechanics of trading...option pricing methods...the role of the underlying asset...and basic strategies for getting started in options.

With the help of the new All About Options, readers will be able to:Master Basic Option Trading Strategies to Solidify ObjectivesDiscover How Options Can be Used for Income or ProtectionLearn Methods of Forecasting Stock and Futures Price TrendsFind Out about Option Price Models and VolatilityDevelop a Trading and Money Management PlanImplement a Trading Plan Step by StepExplore the Impact of Computer Technology and the Internet on TradingSelect a Brokerage Firm that's Right for ThemImprove their Grasp of Federal Regulations to Smooth Rough WatersAvoid the Biggest Mistakes that New Traders MakeHarness the Secrets of Successful Options Trading_and Get Started In addition, this all-in-one options reference features up-to-the-minute charts, tables, and data, as well as a wealth of supplemental information, including an extensive glossary of terms, sources of additional information, a listing of exchanges, option symbols, and the author's own rules to live and trade by.