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Young Belgian architects are showing a renewed approach to architecture.

While the older generation grew up in a booming economy in which there was time and money to endlessly study details, proportions and create minimalist designs, the younger generation are increasingly aware of functionality.

Lower budgets have forced them to approach projects from a fresh perspective.

Among this new wave of young architects are Tom Verschueren and David Driesen, whose office dmvA is situated in Mechelen, Belgium. Focusing on achieving durability, they use materials creatively and in context to allow for minimizing on financial budgets while maximizing content. dmvA is not focused on one particular style. As with any creative process they allow the constructions to communicate the story, by considering a range of elements both naturally and artificially fabricated.

They are motivated to move beyond the confines of design theory to become more intuitive; they focus on the internal, on emotional involvement, the link between art and sex in order to achieve complex, meaningful work.