Tour of Duty: The Complete Series, DVD  DVD


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Every episode of the drama centred around a platoon of US soldiers on a tour of Vietnam.

The platoon, under the command of 2nd Lieutenant Myron Goldman (Stephen Caffrey) and Staff Sergeant Zeke Anderson (Terence Knox), face a variety of challenges in the Vietnamese jungle: homesickness, internal quarrels and, of course, their enemy, the Vietcong.

The episodes are: 'Pilot', 'Notes from the Underground', 'Dislocations', 'War Lover', 'Sitting Ducks', 'Burn Baby, Burn', 'Brothers, Fathers and Sons', 'The Good, the Bad and the Dead', 'Battling Baker Brothers', 'Nowhere to Run', 'Roadrunner', 'Pushin' Too Hard', 'USO Down', 'Under Seige', 'Soldiers', 'Gray-Brown Odyssey', 'Blood Brothers', 'The Short Timer', 'Paradise Lost', 'Angel of Mercy', 'The Hill', 'Saigon: Part 1', 'Saigon: Part 2', 'For What It's Worth', 'True Grit', 'Non-Essential Personnel', 'Sleeping Dogs', 'I Wish It Would Rain', 'Popular Forces', 'Terms of Enlistment', 'Nightmare', 'Promised Land', 'Lonesome Cowboy Blues', 'Sins of the Fathers', 'Sealed With a Kiss', 'Hard Stripe', 'The Volunteer', 'The Luck', 'Doc Hock', 'The Ties That Bind', 'Lonely at the Top', 'A Bodyguard of Lies', 'A Necessary End', 'Cloud Nine', 'Thanks for the Memories', 'I Am What I Am', 'World in Changes', 'Green Christmas', 'Odd Man Out', 'And Make Death Proud to Take Us', 'Dead Man Tales', 'Road to Long Binh', 'Acceptable Losses', 'Vietnam Rag', 'War Is a Contact Sport', 'Three Cheers for the Orange, White and Blue', 'The Raid' and 'Payback'.